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This American Life – Inside Job

Posted in Uncategorized by Martin Spindler on April 12, 2010

This doesn’t need too many words. My favorite podcast, This American Life, which together with the team of NPR’s Planet Money did such a marvelous job at explaining the reasons and mechanisms of the subprime crisis in their show back in November 08 have aired a new amazing episode.
Inside Job looks at the workings of Magnetar, a hedge-fund which grew heavily throughout the crisis by sponsoring and shorting CDOs (that’s those toxic sub-prime mortgage assets which got us into this mess) and thus basically betting that the stuff that they helped create tanks.
So by all means, head over to TAL and listen to the episode.

And as a sidenote: I’ll be at re:publica from Wed through Fri — so if you’re there too, give me a shout so we can meet up.


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