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German Politics and the Internet – What?

Posted in Politik by Martin Spindler on March 20, 2010

As I mentioned before, I’m currently attending the Politcamp in Berlin. I’ve been at this event last May already, and given the copy to advertise this event and some admittedly high-profile speakers, I was quite thrilled. After all, German politics didn’t yet really get the internet, or the ramifications thereof.
So this morning I walked the 5 blocks to the conference venue expecting some interesting discussions and and maybe one or two ideas which were new.
It turns out none of that happened. It turned out that this “Barcamp” suffered from what a lot of the internet-focused groups nowadays suffer: they lack, so to speak, balls. They lack balls in the sense that nobody dares to talk about how things could be, nobody talks about what they envision, but everybody talks about how the current state of affairs turns out and complains about not being able to operate as before.

This needs to stop. We don’t need another discussion about where we are. We know this already. The internet is here, and I presume it’s here to stay. Educating others about this indeed is necessary. But this should not happen on the expense of developing ideas, of envisioning how things might be. And we need to have these discussions. We need to talk about where this is going and where it should go, we need to develop ideas, we need to envision the future. In continuing what we do, we make sure this doesn’t happen, but talk about the status quo, or even worse, complain about how good we all were off in the status quo ante.

So, I agree with @cemb when he says: “I wished for more tangible results, less talk and more deeds.”


I doubt, though, whether this format, and by extension, the format of the BarCamp really can provide for this.

So far my rant for day one. Keep posted for day two. And of course, get in touch if you think I’m completely off.


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