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The Internet isn’t evil

Posted in Persönlich by Martin Spindler on March 13, 2008

This one’s in english. Don’t ask me why. It just occured to me.

A lot of my friends have been asking me recently why I do what I do. Why am I blogging? Why do I use Twitter? Why do I open myself up to the internet? And why do I make my thoughts, my data, my life, public for possibly everyone to see?

The answer to that indeed isn’t easy.

First, there is the question of why I am blogging. Well, the answer to that is rather simple: because I think that, as everyone is granted right to free speech, I can and should make use of that right. The difference between classic vocal speech is tremendous – blog posts are accessible for everyone to read and, as manpower to delete becomes more expensive than additional storage capacity, stored for possibly forever.

It get’s more complicated, when it comes to the matter of privacy. There’s no easy solution as there are different points of view. My point of view is probably best described by Volker Strübings post Daten brauchen keinen Schutz. Die können auf sich selbst aufpassen.

The conflict of free speech and privacy is well described by Daniel J Solove in his latest book The Future of Reputation. (downloadable CC, via) It is up to us what to make of it.

For my part, I’m blogging, I’m on Twitter and half a dozen other social networks. I use both GoogleDocs and Microsoft Office Live and still I’m not (yet) being spammed. I do that, because all of these tools have their use.

Basically, I want to speak out to those who I know, who’re still afraid of participating in what the media calls the web 2.0. The web isn’t evil. Just give it a try. You’ll like it.


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